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First I just wanted to draw my geth juggernaut, but then it turned into Tales from the Front, or The Very Best MP Day Ever.

Bombila4, wherever you are, these are for you. That Firebase Reactor round was the most hilarious series of accidents I’ve experienced in a long time.

(A bit of explanation for #2: I got hit by a rocket and found myself on top of low cover as a juggernaut. It was the tallest I’d ever been, and the other juggernaut on the squad kept trying to push against the cover to get up there with me. It was traumatizing to have to get down eventually.

And #4: The juggernaut player had switched from his durable juggernaut to a surprisingly fragile volus, and he and I hung together at the same door, which worked really well until I SOMEHOW got stuck in the reactor core when it triggered. I came out of the oven reactor thing completely fried to see my little volus buddy staring at me; I hit the R button to reload out of habit and it cocked the gun, and then the next thing I know he’s shaking his head frantically that he hadn’t hit the button to shut me in. It was so hilarious it took me three waves to stop laughing.)

some days are just funny days, you know? man, I love that juggernaut.

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